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Wondering Aloud: What Is Contemplation

I’m asked all the time, “What is contemplation? I can’t even say the word. What are you talking about?”

Contemplation is one of those multilevel concepts that at its heart means interfacing with God, (the eternal one, the transcendent).

We are created to reflect God, and the eternal.

Interfacing is multileveled because of the multilevel of our awareness.

Our awareness is always in flux, so that what we are aware of varies. One day we get it, and the next day we’re clueless.

Our normal everyday mind can’t see or recognize God. So we have to be intentional for the daily breakthroughs of our deeper awareness to happen. As Richard Rohr has said, “we learn to see like mystics,” like Jesus.

This is what the rhythm of our spiritual practices are about…moving us into our big mind and into our big heart so that we might encounter God.

If God is life and love itself, the very source, isn’t that desirable?

So that’s the hidden agenda behind all these quotes and writings…to help wake you and me up to God’s presence, flow, and life as One. To encourage you to be intentional with the garden of your heart.

Do you know who you are? You are Beloved, and you Belong!

“O God, Grant me an undivided heart to love and to serve you today with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul. Open the eyes of my heart to see you and serve you in the ordinary events of this day. May love radiate through me.” ~ Amen.


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